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Freeze drying of Food ! Why ?

It increases shelf life

It locks taste , aroma and nutrition to its best for 2 to 20 years 

It increases farmer or chefs income 

It makes transportation easy 

It does not require refer handling 

It is not frozen food 

It does not require added colors, preservatives and synthetic flavouring to make food harmful for Gut and health. 

It is easy to learn by Agripreneurs 

Small freeze dryers can be installed by farmer groups 

Farmer groups can claim subsidy and incentive for installing these units for post harvest loss prevention 

It is good for our country where 100 million Ton fruits are wasted in farms 

Setting up large units of freeze drying are not required 

It can run on renewable solar energy 

Market demand of freeze dried FRUZ is increasing as preferred ingredient in gourmet food preparations 

It can rehydrate easily with water, milk , ghee or other liquid agent

It does not require preservatives or high dose of salt n sugar to increase shelf life 

It can help a country or a family to combat food crisis and good for storing food for future security, emergency food kits. 

It is most apt for students going abroad, NRIs, Travellers, Mountaineers , Sportsman and people doing more mental work and do not have easy access to

Exotic fresh foods round the year 

It can be used in gourmet , Tasty & healthy preparations of 

parantha, cake, chocolate, icecream , soup, juice, shake, smoothie, punch, raita, biscuits, kulfi , Poha, Upma, gravies, spices, noodles, pasta, pizza, Kulcha, sweets, patties, Namkeens, breakfast with milk, yoghurt, energy bars, snacking as such, millet matthi, tastemakers, cookies, muffins, donuts, pastry, Burfi, Kheer, Milk, Sorbets, Mocktail, Cocktail, sharbats, Shikanji, Dal, Biryani, Pulao, Sambhar, Halwa, Golgappa etc etc 

We have 40+ Flavors of FRUZ and can develop 100s of recipes for your food startup or business scaling up in healthy food segment which is rising with double digit CAGR. 

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